Money Back Guarantee

MoneyBackGuarantee-192-28052014-143340 offers a Money Back Guarantee.

Our Money Back Guarantee comes into force only if your property isn’t SOLD or LEASED, or if your business isn’t SOLD, through our Service Options. Then we will refer you to one or two local reputable real estate or business agents and, upon successful sale of your property or business by this agent, refund your initial upfront fee.

(see, “Terms & Conditions”) will examine your property or business and then recommend up to two local real estate or business agents. If you are satisfied with one of these local agents to engage in the Sale or Lease of your property, or Sale of your business, we then contact the chosen agent to negotiate the best commission rate and advertising costs for you.

The Money Back Guarantee is only available to clients who engage one of our recommend local real estate or business agents to sell or lease their property, or to sell their business, and after the services of a real estate or business agent has been engaged, these clients may no longer utilise the services of

The initial upfront fee, only, is included in the Money Back Guarantee and not recurring and monthly fees that have been paid.

Please feel free to call on 1300 660 868 or contact if you would like to discuss our Money Back Guarantee.