About Property For Sale By Owner

Property For Sale By Owner is a professional Licensed Real Estate and Business Agency with a unique difference. We offer unrivalled services to property owners who wish to sell or lease a residential or commercial property privately, or sell a business privately. Engaging an agent can be costly and we believe you should have a choice without being disadvantaged. With Property For Sale By Owner you can:

  • SAVE the commission
  • SAVE on marketing fees
  • LIST on the major online sales portals that agents uses!

Who can use Property For Sale By Owner services? 

  • Private Sellers of Residential and Commercial Property and Businesses
  • Private Landlords of Residential and Commercial Property

Through Property For Sale By Owner you can sell and lease online utilising the power of Australia’s largest residential, commercial real estate and business selling websites – without listing your property or business with an agent or business broker.

Our Mission is to provide unrivalled facilities that allow our site users to take control of the process and SAVE commission and marketing costs, without losing the major advantage of engaging agents – the ability to list on the major online portals that over 85% of people now use to search for properties and businesses.

Our industry accreditation and professional licences, together with state of the art technology, makes it possible for us to offer a system and process designed by real estate professionals that is easy to use and gets results. Help is also at hand should you need it – call us if you need help and one of our professional team members will assist.

Our Philosophy

We believe that people, who wish to save money by selling or leasing their own properties, or selling a business privately, should be able to do it without any significant disadvantage. Property For Sale By Owner is making it easier than ever for you to achieve a successful result without paying big sales commissions and the marketing fees that can be associated with engaging an agent.

Our Promise

We ‘ll make it simple for you to sell or lease privately and save money, get the result you want, and save the commission! You ‘ll be in control of the process from the time you register to use the site and our friendly team will be there to provide assistance if required.

Follow easy steps to list your property or business then follow our,

“Easy Steps to START Private Sales” guide. Call us if you need assistance.

Our Aim is to let you take control of the selling and leasing process, save on commissions and marketing fees, and still get a great result.

Please feel free to contact Property For Sale By Owner with any questions about Selling or Leasing your property or Selling your business.