Getting a Property Rental Price, is always ready to help using the valuable experience of their qualified staff for the benefit of Users.

“Getting a Property Rental Price”

A realistic Rent Price is essential to give you, the User, a proper return and to attract good tenants. Looking at similar properties to yours, by postcode, and gaining an understanding of what tenants are seeking will help reach this figure.

There are many aspects of attractiveness to tenants and attention to these in your rent property will make them more attractive and give you a better idea of what rent to set. Some of these important aspects are:

  • Location. Closeness to facilities, such as transport for employees in commercial property, and railways, buses, schools and parks for residential tenants. Convenience of access for customers, other services a business requires and amenity for employees also is important. This is a key feature of a property in determining rent levels.
  • Standard of presentation. The cleaner, brighter and more well kept a property is, residential or commercial, the easier to rent at the highest level. Quality of appliances, finishes and floor coverings are also keenly examined by tenants.
  • Building Age. Generally, older buildings get lower rents to newer ones in the same area. This may be unavoidable but is a factor in setting rent, determined by similar usage nearby. In the same way, views are desirable but not a factor in rents to any large degree.
  • Internal Fit Out. In residential properties, bedroom and bathroom numbers, living areas and general amenities affect rent in a specific area. In the same way, number of offices, size, workshops, storage, board or meeting rooms and zoning influence commercial rents.
  • Vehicle parking. Whatever the type of property, these days the availability of parking, either temporary or permanent, is a vital aspect to tenant’s acceptance of rent levels. Especially in busy or remote locations, ease of parking is a significant issue. can help provide recent residential rental data, if available, to our Users to help set their rent levels. Once a User has registered and paid for the chosen Service Option, this data is a free service.

Use of Guides from will assist our Users in taking all these factors into account when setting a realistic and attractive rent for your residential or commercial property.

Remember, if we do this together, you SAVE an Agent’s COMMISSION when you Lease and/or manage these complex issues and INCREASE Your Return.