Leasing a Residential or Commercial Property Privately

SUCCESSFUL Property Leasing requires Knowledge of the Market, and a Competent Real Estate Property Marketer (PropertyForSaleByOwner.com.au)

“Leasing a Residential or Commercial Property Privately”

PropertyForSaleByOwner.com.au, with our professional licences and industry accreditation, allows us to give the Private Landlord access to the “Australia’s Largest Real Estate industry portals” that otherwise would be banned to them, all for very Competitive Fees.

As a PropertyForSaleByOwner.com.au User, you can access these sites through Service Options elsewhere on this site.

Leasing your Residential or Commercial Property Privately means that you must have the widest promotion of the property. These days, that means Online and here PropertyForSaleByOwner.com.au will get your property posted on the Australia’s Largest Real Estate portals and best websites, such as Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au, to get to buyers looking for a property like yours. We will help with advice on the listing, Professional description and photographs, amongst other tips. We have experienced and qualified staffs that are able to assist you in this.

Over 85% of enquiries now come from the internet and the ratio is rapidly increasing. This will gain the most concentrated promotion of your rental property in Australia as no other single part of the media has this extensive reach.

This avoids conventional agents and AVOIDS the Advertising, Leasing and Management FEES of a Conventional Agent.

Management Tips
PropertyForSaleByOwner.com.au will, depending on the level of service option, provide help on management all the way to complete operation of the rental property. However, some points for the property owner to involve himself with are:

  • Confirm all agreements in writing as soon as possible, such as increases, repairs, tenancy changes, etc., for your protection and to give reassurance to tenants.
  • Select tenants carefully. This is a long term business arrangement that, if problematic due to the tenant, causes disruption and loss.
  • Ensure you know exactly what your lease agreement contains before signing.
  • Use professional help to set up systems that make your property run like the business that it is, such as accounting, repairs and maintenance, marketing, operations and forward planning

This guide will assist in an understanding of the matters you, as the User, should consider in order to gain the best rental and tenants for your property.

Remember, as a User with PropertyForSaleByOwner.com.au, You control the rental process, have an experienced and professionally qualified helper in PropertyForSaleByOwner.com.au and SAVE the Costs and FEES of a Conventional Agent.